How it works

All keepsakes are handmade by me with tender loving care

Once you have decided to order from me, make contact with me and I will explain where to send your loved ones clothing.

I recommend you send the clothing in a waterproof package to protect them.

I will be able to advise you at the time of ordering - when you can expect your items to be ready.

Most materials can be used - but unfortunately I won't be able to use very bulky material, leather or PVC.

Please ensure the clothing is clean and dry before sending them to me.

How will i receive my keepsake?

If you live local to me - we can arrange for you to collect your items, if not - they will be sent to by courier and I will let you know when they are on the way so you can be home to receive them. Depending on how many keepsakes I have made for you - the delivery charge will be between €10/€15

How many items do i need to send to make a bear or cushion?

1 Bear - made from children's clothing - roughly 6 to 8 items

1 Bear - made from adults clothing - 2 items (but if you want to add more that's OK too)

1 cushion - made from children's clothing - 8 to 10 items

1 cushion - made from adults clothing - 3 items